Just a stone’s throw from St Tropez (30 kms), on the Circuit du Var, AGS Formule 1 is close to the motorways, and benefit from its/his own helipad (30’ from Monaco).
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AGS Formula 1 history 1968: Henri JULIEN, an enthusiastic mechanic, created the AGS (Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives) team at Gonfaron in the heart of Provence in 1968.
AGS went through all the stages of single-seater competitions throughout a period of 36 years dedicated to the production, development and operation of these vehicles.

F1 World Championship

Formula 1 Championships
In 1986, after winning several F2 titles, AGS joined F1 and became ‘AGS FORMULE 1’.
During the next 6 years, many famous drivers sat behind the wheel of AGS single-seaters in the F1 World Championships and repeatedly scored points in the ‘Drivers’ and ‘Constructors’ classifications: PIRONI, CAPELLI, FABRE, MORENO, STREIFF, TARQUINI, WINKELOCK, DALMAS...

Grand Prix de Monaco 91

F1-Leisure Concept

Driving courses 1992: In 1992, AGS created the F1-LEISURE concept, the first such initiative in the world.
AGS FORMULE 1 made its entire F1 fleet, straight out of the World Championships, available for individuals to experience the ultimate thrill and for managers who want to motivate their clients and staff. A world first!
From now on, sitting behind the wheel of a real F1 like a Grand Prix driver is a privilege available to everyone.

2001/2003:Between 2001 and 2003 AGS FORMULE 1 designed and built 5 new F1s, 2 of which were two-seaters.
After 10 years experience in teaching people how to drive a Formula 1, AGS FORMULE 1 put the knowledge it had gained at the highest level of the competition into driving courses and built 5 new F1s: the SH01, 02 and 03 and 2 AGSX2 two-seaters, genuine F1s developed by the AGS R&D team and full of the latest technology.


AGS FORMULE 1 now has 14 years experience and a fleet of 26 single-seaters: ARROWS, PROST…
V8 or V10 engines, manual or steering wheel changes, with or without antiskid, vacuum or mechanical timing control, etc.

A unique choice of technology available 140 days per year through the new GRAND PRIX, HIGH-TECH and MASTERS programmes on the most prestigious European circuits (including the PAUL RICARD HTTT and BARCELONA Circuits).